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finance agreement contract with two induivals

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State of South Carolina Premium Service License No. 99999999 Premium Service Company Name ACCOUNT NUMBER Address PREMIUM SERVICE AGREEMENT City, State, Zip INSURED-APPLICANT AGENCY-PRODUCER Name Address
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Today I want to talk a bit about planning specifically budgeting or projections I mean a lot of small business owners that are simply wearing every hat taking the time to sit down and build financial projections for their business is something that often just doesn't get done right and at that point they're working really hard putting in a ton of hours but are they doing the things that will allow them to arrive at their financial goals and just exactly what are those goals so if you're like them, you might be feeling that building financial projections is just too daunting of a task well it really doesn't have to be okay sure you can certainly aspire to build complex financial models with various scenarios and contingencies and all sorts of analysis, but the basic goal of objection is to give you a tool by which to judge your progress over the next year to three years and to establish the financial goals for your business, so you really don't have to get too complex and fancy to achieve those things what I'm going to go through with you here is a quick run-through of how to build a basic financial projection for your business so what we're looking at here is the basic P&L which is really the first step in creating a budget right you want to look at what is your P&L or income statement going to look like over the foreseeable future and so what you're going to do is generate that out of Peach tree Quickbooks whatever your accounting system is, and you want to export the P&L into Excel because Excel is generally the easiest place to build a budget for moving forward everybody has Excel so easy to use you'll recognize this as a basic P&L you've got some income line items you've got your cost of goods sold categories you've got your various expenses ties out to net income at the bottom right, so you want to run this for a couple of historical periods, so you know we're in 2011 right now you want you might want to run 2009 set that up in here you might want to run 2010 set that up in here and then the interim financials for the current year as well, so you can see I'm showing the first quarter of 2011 here right and what that's going to do is give you a baseline for your historical cost you know as a percentage of revenue what your costs and expenses are so that then you're working with a baseline from moving forward from there you really just want to set up month by month moving forward exactly what your P&L is forecasted to look like, so we know we've got the first quarter of 2011 in there, so then we might have April 2011 May 2011 so on and so forth now all the way through the end of this year for example, and then we're going to plug in the all the numbers' income you know materials expenses go through and plug in the forecast, so you might look at income and say well we're going to be about you know two hundred thousand a month we think from here on out the rest of the year right so there you go you've got that, and then you're going to go...
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